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Bab Al Shams Iftar: Culinary Delights Await

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Bab Al Shams Iftar” refers to the traditional breaking of fast meal during the holy month of Ramadan, hosted at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. This iconic event offers a unique culinary experience amidst the tranquil desert surroundings of Dubai. With its exquisite cuisine and enchanting ambiance. Bab Al Shams Iftar is a cherished tradition for locals and tourists alike seeking spiritual reflection and communal celebration during Ramadan.

Ifthar arrangement

Ifthar arrangement

At Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, the arrangement for Iftar is nothing short of magnificent. Every detail is meticulously planned to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The setting is adorned with traditional Arabian decor, creating an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality. From the moment guests arrive, they are greeted with the aroma of aromatic spices and the sight of beautifully laid out tables.

The seating arrangement is spacious and comfortable, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their meal in the company of loved ones. Whether you choose to dine indoors or under the starlit sky in the outdoor terrace, the ambiance is enchanting. Each table is adorned with elegant tableware, adding to the sense of occasion.

The Iftar menu is a culinary journey through traditional Middle Eastern flavors, featuring an array of delectable dishes. From savory appetizers to succulent grilled meats and indulgent desserts. Every dish is crafted with care using the finest ingredients. Vegetarian and vegan options are also available, ensuring that every guest can find something to delight their palate.

Camel and Horse Caravan Show

Camel and Horse Caravan Show

One of the captivating features of the Bab Al Shams Iftar experience is the Camel and Horse Caravan Show. A mesmerizing display of Arabian culture and heritage. As guests arrive at Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa. They are greeted by a majestic procession of camels and horses, adorned in traditional attire, parading through the golden sands of the desert. This spectacle not only offers a glimpse into the rich history of the region but also sets the tone for an unforgettable evening of celebration and indulgence.

The Camel and Horse Caravan Show serves as a symbolic tribute to the Bedouin traditions that have been passed down through generations in the Arabian Peninsula. It evokes a sense of nostalgia for the simpler times when these noble creatures were essential companions for traversing the vast expanse of the desert. The rhythmic trot of the horses and the graceful stride of the camels create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the setting sun, transporting guests to a bygone era of Arabian mystique.

Luxury Ifthar Buffet

Luxury Ifthar Buffet

At Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa, the concept of luxury reaches new heights with its extravagant Iftar buffet. As the sun sets over the serene desert landscape, guests are welcomed into a world of opulence and culinary delights. The Luxury Iftar Buffet is a feast for the senses, featuring an extensive spread of gourmet dishes meticulously prepared by renowned chefs. From traditional Arabic delicacies to international flavors. Every palate is catered to with utmost care and attention to detail.

The ambiance of the venue adds to the allure of the experience. With elegant décor and warm hospitality creating an atmosphere of refined elegance. Guests can unwind in the comfort of luxurious surroundings while savoring the exquisite flavors of Ramadan. From the moment you step foot into the venue, you are transported into a realm of indulgence and sophistication. Where every moment is an unforgettable journey of culinary excellence.


Bab Al Shams Iftar stands as a beacon of tradition, luxury, and culinary excellence during the holy month of Ramadan. With its opulent surroundings, extensive gourmet offerings, and warm hospitality. Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa provides a truly unforgettable experience for those seeking to celebrate the spirit of Ramadan in style. Whether you’re a local resident or a visitor to Dubai. Indulging in the Luxury Iftar Buffet at Bab Al Shams is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage and culinary delights of the region. Come, join us, and create cherished memories as you break fast amidst the tranquil desert landscape. Enveloped in the warmth of tradition and the taste of exquisite cuisine. Bab Al Shams Iftar is not just a meal. It’s an experience that nourishes both the body and the soul. Leaving you with lasting impressions and a longing to return year after year.

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