Ellington Properties Ramadan Fridges

Dubai’s Community Spirit Shines Bright with Ellington’s Ramadan Food Drive.

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As Ramadan wraps up, Ellington Properties, along with the UAE Food Bank, ends its heartwarming month-long food-sharing drive, highlighting the beautiful unity within the community. What sets this initiative apart is the active involvement of residents, who generously volunteered to keep the fridges stocked, ensuring there was always plenty for those in need.

This campaign aimed to tackle food insecurity during Ramadan by placing fridges stocked with essential items across prominent residences in Dubai, such as DT1 in Downtown Dubai and various spots in Jumeirah Village Circle. These fridges, filled with goodies during Iftar, were accessible to all, embodying the spirit of giving.

Residents and expats alike have showered praise on the initiative, with folks like Amjad Ali, a Deliveroo driver, sharing how the fridges helped him break his fast during his busy work schedule. “I stumbled upon the community fridges while on duty and was grateful for the ready-to-eat meals, as I couldn’t manage to prepare anything myself,” said Amjad.

Even community workers found solace and camaraderie around these fridges during Iftar, fostering a sense of togetherness. Darmender, a Construction Supervisor near DT1, shared, “Seeing everyone gather around the fridges to break their fast brought joy to my heart. Kudos to Ellington for this thoughtful initiative!”

What’s truly heartening is how residents banded together to ensure the fridges remained well-stocked throughout the month. Lewis William Bass, a resident at Belgravia Heights in JVC, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Despite being strangers, everyone in our neighborhood came together to support this cause. We’re immensely thankful to Ellington Properties and the UAE Food Bank for spearheading this.”

Community-driven efforts, like those led by Ellington Properties, play a crucial role in fostering bonds among residents and creating a positive communal vibe. These acts of kindness extend far beyond Ramadan, showcasing a steadfast commitment to community welfare through ongoing support for charitable causes and providing meals for those in need.

As Ramadan draws to a close, the success of such initiatives underscores the UAE community’s resilience and generosity, reaffirming their commitment to helping others during this special time of the year.

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