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Mega Gaming Extravaganza: AED 6000 Up for Grabs! Get Set for Dubai’s Ultimate Showdown!

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Game on, Gamers! GameCentric is leveling up the gaming scene with epic tournaments and an AED 6000 prize pool! From December 3rd to 23rd, it’s a showdown of champions worldwide. Pro or newbie, everyone’s invited to join in – DOTA2, Fortnite, Valorant, COD Mobile, League Of Legends, and more await!

With over 50 game titles, GameCentric is your go-to regional gaming platform. And guess what? Entry is FREE for all gamers aged 13 and above. Just hit up the GameCentric website, create your account, and dive into the gaming action. AED 6000/USD 1600 is up for grabs – sign up and game on!

Game Centric Static post-01

But that’s not all – GameCentric is supporting the Dubai Program for Gaming 2033, aiming to make Dubai a global gaming hub. Empowering talent, content, and tech, they’re shaping a dynamic gaming community and contributing to Dubai’s $1 billion GDP impact goal. Get ready to game!

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